Uso de imagens SVG

Exemplo de uma imagem SVG: Retângulo Verde Um retângulo verde claro com cantos arredondados e contornos verde escuros. De notar que os cantos deixaram de ser arredondados. ACESSO [Ler mais]

Converter unidades de points para pixéis

Nas WCAG 2.0 sempre que se fazem referências aos tamanhos de letra usa-se a unidade points. É uma unidade de medida usada mais para papel do que para ecrãs e, claro, a pergunta surge sempre. 10 points quantos 'px' ou unidades 'em' ou mesmo '%' são? Points Pixels Ems Percent... [Ler mais]

Design Acessível

UDL-Universe: A Comprehensive Universal Design for Learning Faculty Development Guide. Review the Ensuring Access through Collaboration and Technology (EnACT) website by California State University. In particular, the section “UDL for Course Changes” provides practical suggestions to enhance the design and accessibility your course. The National Center on Disability and Access... [Ler mais]

What we found when we tested tools on the world’s least-accessible webpage

10 automated tools

Source post: What we found when we tested tools on the world’s least-accessible webpage. List of 10 automated tools Tenon Wave HTML Codesniffer aXe AChecker Sort Site Google Accessibility Developer Tools The European Internet Inclusion Initiative’s page checker Asqatasun Nu HTML Checker (this is an HTML validator – we were... [Ler mais]

WCAG 2.1 is on the way!

An update to WCAG 2.0 is in the works and the new version, WCAG 2.1, is expected to be published mid-2018. The development of WCAG 2.1 will focus on existing gaps in WCAG 2.0, particularly issues related to touch interfaces, small screen sizes, and issues impacting users with low vision... [Ler mais]